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Chou Jikuu Yousai Macross Song Collection Cd Special soundtracks
City Hunter - Best Collections soundtracks
City Hunter Sound Collection X -Theme Songs- DISC 1 soundtracks
Contra III (SNES) - Arranged Soundtrack soundtracks
Crows Claw 17 Division - Type-Moon HR-HM Arrange soundtracks
Crows Claw Broken Phantasm - Type-Moon HR-HM Arrange soundtracks
Crows Claw Final Fantasy HM Arrange soundtracks
D-A White Sound Collection soundtracks
D-Xhird Arrange Sound Trax soundtracks
D.N.Angel - Vocal Collection soundtracks
Daggerfall ~ Arranged soundtracks
Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection soundtracks
Darius Gaiden Full Arrange Album - The Last Kiss soundtracks
Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2) Premium Arrange soundtracks
Disney Collection Volume 2 soundtracks
DN Angel - Vocal Collection soundtracks
DoDonPachi Dai-ou-jou Arrange soundtracks
Double Dragon 2 Arranged soundtracks
Dracula MIDI Collection soundtracks
Dracula ~Music Collection~ soundtracks