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Shanghai Bund 2007 [CDRAMA] drama
Shanghai Bund [CDRAMA] drama
Sound of the Desert 2014 [CDRAMA] drama
Step Into the Past [CDRAMA] drama
Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei [CDRAMA] drama
Summer's Desire 2010 [CDRAMA] drama
The Great Revival [CDRAMA] drama
The Legend and the Hero [CDRAMA] drama
The Lucky Stars [CDRAMA] drama
The Proud Twins [CDRAMA] drama
The Queen of SOP (2012) [CDRAMA] drama
The Spirit of Sword [CDRAMA] drama
The Tearful Sword [CDRAMA] drama
Twin of Brothers [CDRAMA] drama
Uncharted Waters 1 Original Soundtrack soundtracks
Uncharted Waters II Special Edition soundtracks
Uncharted Waters Online soundtracks
Waking Love Up 2011 [CDRAMA] drama
Warriors of the Yang Clan [CDRAMA] drama
Westside Story 2003 [CDRAMA] drama