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Gin-iro no Kami no Agito anime
Giniro No Kami No Agito anime
GS Mikami Gokuraku Daisakusen!! manga
GS Mikami: Gokuraku Daisakusen!! anime
Hajime no Ippo ED1 Single - Yuuzora no Kamihikouki soundtracks
Hashire! Shiroi Ookami anime
Hinata no Ookami - Shinsengumi Kidan manga
Inukami! anime [More info]
Kawahira Keita is a descendant of an ancient Inukami tamer family tasked with dealing with unruly spirits and daemons. While his Inukami (or spiritual pact creature) is a very strong female dog spirit... [More info]
Inukami! The Movie anime [More info]
In 2007, the Punishment of Sexual Perversions Law came into effect. The city is surrounded by a squadron wearing protective suits and they begin to arrest any who look like perversions. No wonder that... [More info]