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Flag anime [More info]
Saeko Shirasu is a 25-year-old war frontline photo-journalist who became a celebrity after taking a picture of civilians raising a makeshift UN flag in war-torn Uddiyana. The image then became an inst... [More info]
Gasaraki anime [More info]
The flames of war explode in the Middle East as two shadow forces unleash monstrous new weapons of mass destruction! But in a world in which giant robots are real, the most dangerous weapon of all lie... [More info]
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Waga Yuku wa Hoshi no Taikai anime [More info]
Based on a series of sci-fi novels, this series tells the story of a massive conflict between the Prussia-like Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance. It describes all levels of the war, from t... [More info]
Glass no Kantai anime [More info]
In the far future, in a closed cosmic space, the human beings are living in urban type space ships called territory ships. The religion people believe in says that the planet is the place full of dirt... [More info]
Gunparade March: Arata Naru Kougunka anime [More info]
During WW2 a strange new alien, the Genjuu (幻獣), appeared who's sole purpose is to kill off Humanity. Whenever they appear the Genjuu give off a strange odor that is acid to a human and killed off... [More info]
Hellsing (2006) anime [More info]
Hellsing, a secret organization of the British government, have long been battling supernatural threats to keep the people safe from creatures of the night. The current leader, Integra Wingates Hellsi... [More info]
Heroic Age anime [More info]
When the Golden Race invited other races to join them in the stars, three sentient races answered their call. The Goldens called them the Bronze, Silver and Heroic Tribes. Just before the Gold Tribe l... [More info]