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Karas anime [More info]
The city of Shinjuku in the near future. A wave of multiple murders has hit, shocking even for this crime-wracked city. The victims are always drained of their body fluids... and there is always a sol... [More info]
Meitantei Conan: Suihei Senjou no Strategy anime [More info]
Source ANN: On a luxurious cruise trip paid for by Sonoko, Conan and his gang enjoy the high life on the open seas. However, a shrewd plot for revenge was brewing right under Conan's nose. And this t... [More info]
Meitantei Holmes anime [More info]
The series is action packed, and really fun to watch. All the characters such as Holmes, Watson, Mrs. Hudson, and Prof. Moriarty were made into dogs. Holmes is a lot younger and more active than in th... [More info]
Miami Guns anime [More info]
Miami Guns tells the story of spoiled rich girl Yao Sakurakouji who decides to join the Miami police force to enjoy car chases, gunfights and wanton destruction. The psychotic and not-too-bright Yao i... [More info]
Genre: Action, Comedy, Cops, Ecchi
New Dominion Tank Police anime [More info]
New-Port City has a problem with crime, and in order to combat this, the mayor orders the creation of a new police unit: THE TANK POLICE! Trouble ensues when the feisty Leona is transferred in from th... [More info]
On your Mark anime [More info]
This is a music video for the song "On Your Mark" by Chage & Aska. Two police officers try to rescue a winged girl from the clutches of a futuristic government after a raid on a religious cult. The e... [More info]
Sci-Fi Harry anime [More info]
The Anime is set in the US in the very near future in what appears to be a small West Coast town. Harry is definitely not your average American teenager. Instead, he is the epitome of an "alienated y... [More info]