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Black Blood Brothers anime [More info]
The full moon shines in the sky. In the light, a red shadow is running like the wind. Holding a Japanese sword in his hand, he jumps from building to building. He runs in order to save his brother, in... [More info]
Blood: The Last Vampire anime [More info]
At the Yokota Base in Japan, a nervous American military is on the brink of the Vietnam War. But a greater threat exists within the walls of the heavily-guarded compound: Vampires. A team of top-secre... [More info]
Dance In The Vampire Bund anime [More info]
Adaptation of Nozomu Tamaki’s suspense/action/horror manga serial Dance In The Vampire Bund. From Seven Seas: After millennia in hiding, Mina Tepes, the Princess of the ancient covenant and ruler o... [More info]