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Asu no Yoichi! anime [More info]
*Based on a shounen manga by Minamoto Yuu, serialised in Monthly Shounen Champion. Having been raised and trained for the past seventeen years as a traditional samurai 'bushi', Karasuma Yoichi was su... [More info]
Avenger anime [More info]
Mars has been colonized and is a world where children have been replaced by robot servants known as 'dolls'. Layla is a skilled fighter with a tragic past who travels about the world. Her companions a... [More info]
Bamboo Blade anime [More info]
Based on a seinen manga by Totsuka Masahiro, illustrated by Igarashi Aguri and serialized in Young Gangan. Kojirou is the Kendo instructor at Muro'e High School. He is totally broke. He has agreed to... [More info]