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Agatha Christie no Meitantei Poirot to Marple anime [More info]
This anime is based on the novels of Agatha Christie. The anime is a collection of 39 mysteries chosen from Hecule Poirot and Mable series. To connect these two detectives, there appeared the original... [More info]
Genre: Detective, Shounen
Black Jack (1996) anime [More info]
[From AnimeNFO] Black Jack is an underground surgeon, who, although he has no license, has God-Like skills which enable him to perform operations that are impossible for even the finest surgeons. Ch... [More info]
Genre: Detective, Seinen
Black Jack 21 anime [More info]
No direct-relation sequel to original Black Jack. Black Jack attempts to find out the conspiracy, of why he was involved in the bombfield accident that killed his mother, while he uncovers secrets of ... [More info]
Chaos;Head anime [More info]
Based on a Japanese visual novel developed by 5bp and Nitroplus, Chaos;Head is a delusional murder mystery story, with strong elements of gore, psychology and science fiction. The game uses a feature... [More info]
City Hunter anime [More info]
The City Hunter franchise follows the exploits of Ryo Saeba, who works as a "sweeper" (He "sweeps" crime off the streets) and Kaori Makimura, a tomboyish girl who deals primarily with the business sid... [More info]
City Hunter 2 anime [More info]
The City Hunter's adventures continue with a complicated case of protecting an up-and-coming young idol from a stalker. Normally this would be like letting the fox guard the hen house, but fortunately... [More info]