6 Angels

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Description: In the near future, the death penalty has been revoked worldwide. Therefore, criminals are sent to an underground prison set in the impact crater of a nuclear site somewhere in the United States, known as Neo Purgatory. (Hold on, this gets better.) A group of women, known as the Guard of Rose, is caught in the crossfire when the mysterious villain Donn Canyon launches his mission to "purify the world" with radiation, or something like that.

Can Maki, Naomi, Doris, Marilyn, and Katherine save the human race from utter annihilation? Will the Canyon family succeed in browbeating the world's superpowers to accept their fate? Will the President of the United States ever find a decent spell-check program?

*taken from themanime.org*

Info: Web, 6 episodes, on air from 20.11.2001 till 06.07.2002

Genre: Action, Androids, Gunfights, Mecha, Military, SciFi, Violence