Amazing Nurse Nanako OVA

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Description: One day Komatsu Nana ("Hachi") decides to go to Tokyo where she wants to start a new life with her boyfriend Shoji. There are only a few seats free on the train and thus she decides to sit next to a girl whose name is Osaki Nana. As a vocalist Nana aims for a debut in Tokyo with her punk band "Blast" to become professional musicians. Her boyfriend Ren already made it as a guitarist for the famous "Trapnest" there.
After arriving in Tokyo their ways part - or so it seems. When searching for a flat to live in, they meet again and eventually decide to share it together. This strengthens their bond and together the Nanas go through their love lives and career in Tokyo.

Info: TV Series, 47 episodes, on air from 05.04.2006 till 29.03.2007

Genre: Angst, Band, Coming-of-Age, Josei, Music, Romance, Tragedy